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Lauren's Playground - Online Monthly Subscription

Lauren's Playground - Online Monthly Subscription

Product Review (submitted on July 21, 2016):
What I think of the playground so far.

This is really great. if you are used to Lauren you'll fit right in - if you are new to Lauren, you can pick it up right away. Lauren has you covered form Basics, to Tabatas, a lot of little extra perks, and more is coming.

I love the little extra stuff (the written work, the Kitchen which will hopefully include some vegan options as it grows!) the fact that if all you have is 1 or 2 bells, Lauren has modifications even though all extra equipment (stools, and trx) is used). if you are a Big Girl (Or Broad Guy) and wondering if you can do this/keep up. yes.

The online facebook group is great.

The little things I would probably include or change is "registering" for classes - though i'm sure this is probably done for stats or something - and a "Park my account" option in case of illness/you lost your job or something. While you can leave and join any time, - the price point will not be the same always. but if those are the only two issues you have.. you know you're getting an amazing product.