Online Fitness Training with Lauren Brooks

Best Kettlebell Gym brought right to your home - Lauren's Playground

Enjoy Online Kettlebell Fitness Classes and Time, Day, or Place!

Join Lauren in her personal gym where you’ll be educated, learning how to properly and safely transform your body into a powerful machine, and enjoy this new, raw experience unlike any of her DVD’s.

Whether you are a visual or audio learner, beginner or advanced, Lauren’s detailed and easy to follow instructions will have your needs covered. And once you become a member you’ll be able to join her private Facebook community to discuss your fitness and training journey with others.

Get New Kettlebell Fitness Routines Regularly

With fresh, new material, and a new found love for your kettlebell training, we’re excited to grow with you in your personal fitness journeys. Our ever-evolving platform not only encapsulates and encourages community, support, educational growth, discussions, and workouts, but we’ll also be listening and responding to your requests!

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