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Found your book and it’s perfect for me

Hi Lauren I just wanted to say how much I love your book. I’m a swimmer and gym goer, I wasn’t happy with the last program trainer put together for me it didn’t go well with my swimming. I looked around for an alternative and found your book and it’s perfect for me, I love the circuit format and I’m working my way through the book (not sure what I’ll do when I reach the end!) the exercises are challenging and work the whole body in a short space of time, perfect. The photos and descriptions more than make up for not having a trainer by my side. Thank you!! 🙂 All the best Mary

March 28, 2014

Mary Garner

Lauren is simply amazing

Lauren is simply amazing, as a trainer and person. When I first started kettle bells eight months ago I could not lift a bag of groceries, container of cat litter, or my six year old. I had a very painful lower back injury that no one could quite diagnose or fix (I had seen doctors and pain specialists and I tried acupuncture, massage, pain medication, ointments, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, heat, and cold–nothing was making me feel any stronger). When I first started working out with Lauren I refused to swing a tiny 2 ½ kilo bell I was so scared of the pain in my back. Well, Lauren fixed that. She was patient but she encouraged me to try many different strengthening exercises (go deadlifts). She also helped me work through moderate pain and discomfort by facing it in carefully controlled circumstances. Lauren has amazing expertise and the uncanny skill of knowing exactly how much you are capable of doing without pushing it past the breaking point. Within a couple of months I was swinging 16 kilo bells and have graduated from there. I am so much stronger and I no longer fear the pain in my back because there is no more pain. I can lift multiple bags of groceries and the cat litter. Best of all, two weeks ago I lifted my six year old for the first time (in a year and a half) without fear. She said to me, “Mommy, you can do this every day now.” And you know what, I can. Thank you Lauren, for everything. I am so grateful. Kathryn Encinitas, CA

February 11, 2014

Dr. Kathryn Slater

Talk about knowing your stuff

Talk about knowing your stuff… There is absolutely no one better than Lauren. ( and I’ve tried quite a few)… Not only is she knowledgeable about fitness, but she is an expert on nutrition as well. And the best part is she is very accessible to answer questions and give advice… This girl rocks!!

May 01, 2013

Kathleen D.

Most Awesome Trainer

Most Awesome Trainer I have taken many group and private sessions over the last 20 years and have never had such a great experience as I have with Lauren. Not only is she very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and nutrition, but she keeps her clients very motivated, her classes are always moving and fun, and she pushes just enough to make you want reach the next level. I feel very fortunate to have found her!

May 01, 2013


I am now down 13 pounds. I can’t believe it.

Hey Lauren, I really can’t thank you enough. I am now down 13 pounds. I can’t believe it. I feel so much better and have more energy than I ever have. I have started to wear my swimsuit again without feeling so self-conscious. I could not have done this without your help and guidance. So thanks for helping me feel better from the inside out.

May 01, 2013

Sabrina S.

After searching for a fun and motivating workout I finally found Lauren.

After searching for a fun and motivating workout I finally found Lauren. I am a snowboarder and Lauren’s workout has totally prepared me for the season. She looks amazing which is a motivating factor but also her workouts are constantly changing, never boring and always killer. She always demonstrates the proper technique so you don’t risk injury and adds different elements to the work out which keeps it fun. You’re money will be well spent with this amazing human being!

May 01, 2013


Lauren is an amazing instructor and knows exactly how to push you enough

Although I am new to kettlebells, I know one thing for certain—there is nothing like it in the world. I am an avid yogi, and an ex college basketball athlete. I used to lift heavy weights and train lots of hours. I feel as though the workouts I get from kettlebells are just as good in a very compact amount of time (and I don’t pack on muscle like I used to when weight training as a college athlete), I get very toned and strong, but I am able to keep my feminine figure. I love that I feel my glutes and legs getting stronger, even after only a few sessions. I will never stop doing yoga, but I am more than excited to incorporate kettlebells into my life, as I think it is a wonderful complement to my workout regiment. The other wonderful thing about kettlebells is that Lauren is an amazing instructor and knows exactly how to push you enough, but respect and honor your limitations and physical boundaries.

May 01, 2013

Janeene L.

Phenomenal Trainer….Phenomenal Person!

Phenomenal Trainer….Phenomenal Person! Lauren is hands down one of the most cutting edge trainers in Southern California! She consistently continues to educate herself from the World’s elite strength professionals. What does that make her? A World class strength professional herself. Lauren is not only extremely gifted as a teacher, she is naturally encouraging and optimistic. Frankly stated, I recommend Lauren to anyone who wants a genuine person who can offer you cutting edge training methods to get you to your goals!!!!!

May 01, 2013

Franz Snideman, RKC Team Leader, CHEK

I have never felt so good about the way I look, and I get lots of compliments.

I have always been a runner and fit. However, once I hit my late-forties, between nagging running injuries, and the fact that it was getting harder to keep off inches around my waistline I had to find something new. I decided to try kettlebell classes with Lauren. I have never felt so good about the way I look, and I get lots of compliments. The best thing about kettlebells is that you DON’T bulk up; you only get leaner, stronger and more sculpted!

May 01, 2013

Robin D.

I am so lucky and grateful to have found Lauren and her website.

I am so lucky and grateful to have found Lauren and her website. I purchased her nutrition program a little over a month ago. I have to say I was skeptical at first. I have tried almost every diet out there. Now I can say that my only regret is waiting so long to get this wonderful program. So far I am down 12 pounds, I have more energy than I ever have, and I feel so much better. Lauren is phenomenal. She has answered every email, every question, every time. Her program is very easy to follow. Thanks Lauren!!!!!!!

May 01, 2013


On The Edge Fitness Kettlebell DVDs videos with Lauren Brooks are the way to go

On The Edge Fitness with Lauren Brooks is helping me achieve strength and continued weight loss directly from my home. Through her quality DVDs, she gives encouragement through challenging workouts while focusing on kettlebell safety and correct form. Through friending her on Facebook, I have also enjoyed periodic, real nutritional and fitness tips. Lauren prides herself in giving personal attention to those who have questions about their training and nutritional needs. I am a stay-at-home mom who homeschools four kids. I have truly enjoyed taking the time for myself by doing her workouts. Plus, seeing results is very rewarding. Our family is active, healthy, and strong… including me! I recommend kettlebell training, specifically Lauren Brooks, to everyone I meet. If I ever visit California, I will check out her in-person classes- but until then, On The Edge Fitness Kettlebell DVDs videos with Lauren Brooks are the way to go if you are looking to begin your fitness journey or take it to the next challenging level. Go for it!

May 01, 2013

Angela C.

laid back style

I really enjoyed your laid back style. You are thorough yet you let us get our own feel for it. I will continue to learn from you.

May 01, 2013

Carrie M.

Lauren: Discipline & Results

Lauren: Discipline & Results I have know Lauren for over 4 years and she has impressed me with her growth as a trainer and kettlebell practitioner. Several words come to mind when I think about Lauren; confident, determined, strong, focused and a GREAT person. Her kettlebell training is solid, effective and just downright gets people results. She has my highest recommendation as a trainer. Consider yourself privileged to be able train with her!

May 01, 2013

Yoana Snideman, RKC Team Leader

Lauren Rocks!!!

Lauren Rocks!!! I have seen great results from taking Lauren’s Kettlebell classes and it’s fun! I have a 15 month old baby and not only have I lost all the pregnancy weight…I have lost an additional 13 lbs. I haven’t weighed this low in over 10 years. She is very attentive to my individual needs and goals. I would (and have)recommend her to anyone and everyone. The best instructor ever! Thanks Lauren!

May 01, 2013


I highly recommend Lauren’s online training and nutritional advice

I highly recommend Lauren’s online training and nutritional advice to anyone interested in taking their health and fitness to the next level. Lauren provided me with easy to follow exercise and nutritional information that allowed me to bust through a slow rolling plateau that I had been plagued with for several months. Lauren’s excellent communication and knowledge made it very easy to follow her recommendations and allowed me to obtain my goals. I’m very grateful to Lauren for the enlightenment and progress I’ve made!

May 01, 2013

Clint C.

Very sensitive to my specific health issues.

Very sensitive to my specific health issues. I have a heart condition known as Long QT syndrome and, as a result, have a defibrillator connected to my heart. I am still very physically active and working out on a regular basis means a great deal to my mental as well as physical well being. My adult son told me about his Kettlebell workouts. Upon inquiring, I was told again and again of Lauren Brooks being one of the finest physical trainers in Southern California. Lauren happens to reside in my home town of San Diego. Today was my first Kettlebell lesson (private) with Lauren. It was truly a joyful experience. Lauren was made aware of my condition and proceeded to provide me with an extraordinary workout that was both physically invigorating and emotional and mentally inspiring. I have trained under many workout paradigms over the years, yet the combination of the Kettlebell methodology AND Lauren’s incredible support, understanding and care has jumped her to the top of my list of Great Trainers. Thank you Lauren. P.S. Lauren also provided my husband and me with the joy of meeting her beautiful one year old daughter.

May 01, 2013

Christine M.

Lauren is a wonderful trainer.

Lauren is a wonderful trainer. She has great motivating powers with a gentle and easy personality. Kettlebells provide a really powerful and efficient technique, and Lauren combines it with her vast knowledge of physiology to create an amazing workout!

May 01, 2013


5 stars!!!!

On the Edge Fitness is by far the leading fitness and nutritional icon in the San Diego area and also is establishing its brand across the world. The company’s primary instructor Lauren Brooks has helped thousands with both their fitness and dietary objectives by implementing realistic goals and making them obtainable for each and everyone she trains. Her “personalized” style of service, competitive pricing, video instruction and flexible training/class schedules makes On the Edge Fitness stand out from the rest. On the Edge Fitness not only uses basic kettlebells for training but also uses a wide variety of strength and cardio related equipment. 5 stars!!!!

May 01, 2013

David S.

I received expert one on one attention and guidance from Lauren.

On the Edge Fitness provides an incredible workout using kettlebells, ropes, TRX, etc. I love how the class is small and outside, I received expert one on one attention and guidance from Lauren. She really knows her stuff and I learned a lot about becoming stronger. I highly reccommend her kettlebell class to anyone looking to increase their strength and have fun at the same time.

April 24, 2013

Elise B.

I purchased Volume 1 and the day after it arrived I bought volume 2…it was THAT good!

I heard about On The Edge Fitness through a discussion forum on from someone who was getting great results via a kettlebell DVD. After doing some research I found that Lauren Brooks of On the Edge Fitness, is a very well respected instructor who is highly recommended by the best of the best in the fitness industry. I purchased Volume 1 and the day after it arrived I bought volume 2…it was THAT good! I have utilized other kettlebell DVD’s but Lauren takes your training to a whole different level while allowing beginners to learn proper form by timing each section rather then counting reps. Because of the teaching method and the results I’ve gotten in inches lost I have recommended On the Edge Fitness products and DVD’s to EVERYONE I know…it is simply the BEST high intensity workout available. Lauren has made herself available to answer questions and help make adjustments and recommendations on a personal level. I honestly feel that I have a friend at On the Edge Fitness even though she is 500 miles away. Oh, and I just ordered Volume 3 for myself as well as another copy of Volume 2 to send to my sister (for her birthday) who has also become an On the Edge Fitness fanatic like me!

April 24, 2013

Lynn B.

In less than 4 weeks, I am 14.5 pounds lighter and 9 inches smaller!!!

Thanks to an amazing person named Lauren Brooks, who is also known as the Kettlebell Queen, across the world and a nutritionist… In less than 4 weeks, I am 14.5 pounds lighter and 9 inches smaller!!! She taught me how to fuel my body and I am eternally grateful!!

May 01, 2013

Stacy B.

To the BEST Coach – and PERSON – that I know.

I can’t thank YOU enough for the effort you put into both sponsoring (the free Challenges) and taking time out to participate in every way. Not ONLY do you do the squats right along with us, you take precious time out of your OWN life to read our posts, “Like” our posts, cheer us on, correct us when needed, praise us when we deserve it, encourage those who need it – you’re the whole package, Lauren. YOU set an example for everyone else that makes us all strive to live up to that example. It is truly one of the most priceless things in my life. God Bless you, Todd and those beautiful, wonderful children!

Steven Peter Yevchak, Sr.
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