Train with Lauren Brooks

Whether you live near me or live 5,000 miles away you can still train with me. I offer a wide array of options in order for everyone to be able to benefit from my effective, no fluff training approach. Receive training services and enjoy results driven programs and coaching that continue to change peoples lives again and again! As a working mom of two girls, I can tell you that I completely understand how challenging it is to fit it all in.

There are so many fad diets/programs and contradicting information out there that can you leave you worse off than you started. If you are frustrated and just don’t know where to begin with both your eating and training, I can help you. If you are experiencing a plateau and and your training lifestyle  needs a revamp or tweaking, let me make life easier for you.

Here are Your Options on How to Get Started:

All of these services can be purchased for phone counseling sessions or email coaching.

Kettlebell Training –  As of Live in the Southern California Area or planning a visit? Book a live session with Lauren or have the option to train with one of her highly trained coaches. Private Training Sessions (required for all new students) Group Classes.
Host a Workshop
Lauren travels the world and has taught thousands of people, including fitness coaches, how to properly use their body with kettlebells, simple no fluff program design, to maximize results. If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your gym, office, rec center contact her directly at


Meet On The Edge Fitness Coach Kari Miller

Hey, I’m Kari Miller, and here’s my story! I’m a 52-year-old mother of two and I began my kettlebell journey 12 years ago with Lauren Brooks.

When I first walked in to see Lauren, I was just regaining my health. I had been extremely sick, barely able to function for ten years due to a gluten allergy that was never diagnosed despite numerous tests ordered by doctors . It was quite a debilitating illness, especially while raising two kids.

I fell in love with Lauren’s style of teaching kettlebell and bodyweight exercises, as well as her ‘less is more’ approach. I remained consistent, attending her classes 3 to 4 times a week. Over time, I grew stronger and stronger, eventually achieving my first pull-up. This is especially emotional for me considering I was extremely sick for a decade!

Now, on each birthday, I perform my age in pull-ups ,plus one for good luck each year. This past birthday I just did 53 pull-ups all in around 20 minutes. You can see right here

I’ve been featured in multiple strength training DVDs and downloads, such as Kettlebell Incinerator and Sexy Strength, the most recent one being Kettlebell Warrior. I  am also now a  Kettlebell Essentials Fitness Instructor, Certified by Lauren Brooks . I teach both private and group classes. I love sharing my knowledge of kettlebells and thoroughly enjoy witnessing the confidence and strength each client achieves through these classes. Health and fitness are two of my biggest passions in life and I can’t wait to work with you!

Group Class Schedule

In person and Zoom Pacific time

Monday 9 a.m.

Wednesday 9a.m.

Friday 9a.m.

Saturday 8:30a.m.

Private Training schedule varies and we take one on one or semi-privates 5 days a week.