Cathy, 57 years old, mom of 2, Full Body Transformation Story.

“I cannot believe how much I have transformed and how I know I can continue to gain strength and sculpt. You have the formula! No matter where someone is starting from, they will gain strength.

Losing weight is a side effect and the amount you lose will depend on how many small changes you are willing to make.

I never lifted weights, never strength trained in my life, never belonged to a gym.
If I can attain these changes everyone can!!

Dionne, 52, member of Lauren’s Playground.

My main focus had always been cardio up to this point. I completed two half marathons & then decided never again. I wanted to move on to challenging myself to get strong & lean, not just lean.

I’ve been using your workouts since your 1st DVD and have never looked back. They give me a great workout whenever I need it.

Melanie, Mother of 2, stronger than ever before.


Meet Melanie, mother of 2 boys, she has been training with programs inside Lauren’s Playground and in person for 2 years!

Melanie is an avid fitness guru. In fact, she was a personal trainer for 8 years. She spent her days doing cardio classes, sometimes 2 HIIT sessions a day, training for marathons, and tracking her food religiously.



From Back Pain To Pain Free with Kettlebell Training

“I’m a 51 yr old woman and a mother of 12 yr old twins. I’ve been doing kettlebells with Lauren for at least 6 years and I usually take 3 months off every summer to travel. I started kettlebells because I had lower back problems.

Most mornings I could not bend over to put on my pants. I also struggled with emptying the dishwasher. Everyday tasks were problematic for me. I’m also an active person and my back kept me from enjoying many activities.

I also had twins at home that needed me to be physically fit to take care of them.

I took a few personal training sessions to go over my health history and to also learn proper technique. After, I joined her in person group classes.

Even in a group class you feel as though you are training 1 on 1 with Lauren, but with the benefits of the positive energy from the group.

Eloise K. England

Within the last year I have TONED, become more MUSCULAR than I have ever been!

I don’t have pain any more and my elbow issues are gone!

I couldn’t be more proud to celebrate Eloise! Check out her journey from when she started Lauren’s Playground one year ago to now!

From no energy with pain and weakness to strong, more energy than she knows what to do with, muscular, toned up, and super strong!

Bune, 59 years old

Bune is on her 6th round of chemo and showed up for the squat challenge, EVEN on the days she struggled to get out of bed or was sick from chemo.

Bune signed up for the Playground to continue her strength journey as many people did after the squat challenge, but because of her win, it is on me!

Now when you see Bune’s photos, you will no doubt think Bune is a superhero. But she didn’t get this way overnight.

Bune is hopeful that her journey has taken some of the fear out of cancer treatment.

Exercise and trying to keep positive were her best hopes in preventing a recurrence.