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UBSC Volume 1 got your heart pounding and left you completely drenched. Volume 2 fired up muscles you never knew you had and smoked your entire body from head to toe (in a good way). Now it’s time to take your training to a whole new level. By doubling up your kettlebells and adding some suspension training, you will reach a new pinnacle of power and strength. The workouts on this DVD will provide you with the necessary tools to become leaner and stronger.

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Workouts and Kettlebell Videos

This workout is from the ebook program Be SLAM (Strong Like A Mother). This workout is meant to be done with heavier kettlebells. If light bells are all you have start at a higher rep range than what is indicated. Hope you enjoy both part 1 and 2 of this workout. If you are interested in the Be SLAM 12 week program make sure stop by the Store and check out her Be SLAM Program and subscribe to Lauren’s Youtube channel and newsletter for updates.

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Kettlebell and Exercise Tutorials

Lauren Brooks teaches part 1 of the Turkish Get Up. This takes you to the tall sit. Learn how to use all your muscles properly and align yourself up to reach your maximum potential with this favorite full body kettlebell exercise.

As seen in popular efficient programs such as The Kettlebell Body DVD and Be SLAM program.

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