Very sensitive to my specific health issues. I have a heart condition known as Long QT syndrome and, as a result, have a defibrillator connected to my heart. I am still very physically active and working out on a regular basis means a great deal to my mental as well as physical well being. My adult son told me about his Kettlebell workouts. Upon inquiring, I was told again and again of Lauren Brooks being one of the finest physical trainers in Southern California. Lauren happens to reside in my home town of San Diego. Today was my first Kettlebell lesson (private) with Lauren. It was truly a joyful experience. Lauren was made aware of my condition and proceeded to provide me with an extraordinary workout that was both physically invigorating and emotional and mentally inspiring. I have trained under many workout paradigms over the years, yet the combination of the Kettlebell methodology AND Lauren’s incredible support, understanding and care has jumped her to the top of my list of Great Trainers. Thank you Lauren. P.S. Lauren also provided my husband and me with the joy of meeting her beautiful one year old daughter.
San Diego, CA

Lauren Brooks - SFG Team Leader - Nike Sparq® Coach - Elite Kettlebell Training - San Diego - EncinitasMy name is Lauren Brooks and I have a passion for helping my clients achieve their fitness goals by inspiring them and teaching them proper exercise techniques (emphasizing kettlebell exercises). I work with women and men of all different ages and athletic backgrounds, from sedentary individuals who have not exercised in 10 years to elite athletes such as Mixed Martial Artists and Marathon Runners.

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I would love to help you set your fitness goals, design an individually-tailored workout program for you, and motivate you to achieve a high level of fitness and health. I have eight years of experience working with men and women of all ages and all fitness levels.



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