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Get Ready for Quick, Efficient, & Body-transforming Workouts with Lauren Brooks!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned lifter, join Lauren Brooks as she once again transforms your Kettlebell workout routine with her no nonsense approach in Shut Up and Train with Kettlebells.

Squeeze in Your Kettlebell Workout :

  • Moment you wake up
  • On your lunch break
  • While kids are napping
  • When traveling
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Grab this Two-Disc Set Featuring Six Workouts for Just $49.99

Unlike any workout you’ve ever experienced, Shut Up and Train with Kettlebells has combined the best of both worlds. With six intense workouts under 15 minutes each, you’ll have no excuses left when it comes to transforming your body.
Just like the twelve minute workout on our popular Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells, you’ll have six fat-blasting workouts to chose from that get progressively more challenging! Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, this short and sweet, results driven program will produce increase energy and leave you feeling amazing!
Now let’s stop talking so we can Shut Up and Train!

Level : Entry Level
Equipment Needed : Minimum 1 Kettlebell and a band

Additional information

Weight 0.4000 lbs

5 reviews for Shut Up & Train with Kettlebells is sold out – Download available now in Download store

  1. Amy

    I want to give a shout out to this DVD, Having completed 3 of the 6 workouts, its AWESOME!! Even after doing BeSlam 2 times this simple rotation of moments are challenging with a little heavier bells or faster movement!! Amazing feel in after each one!!! Great job Lauren and Todd!!!! Love it and what a blessing this will be for many!!! Including my self!!

  2. Christine

    This DVD may be designed for beginners but even an advanced KB user will get a really challenging workout by upping the weights and/or repeating each workout. The timing and coaching are spot on and the quality of the DVD is amazing. I love all the coaching points throughout – these are the things you tend to forget when you’re working out on your own. I reckon this must be the next best thing to being in one of Lauren’s classes.

    After a fairly long and unavoidable break from training I had lost my motivation – not least because I was at a loss to know where to start again. Then this DVD arrived. Lauren – are you psychic?! This is tailor made for me. I made a start 2 days ago and already my motivation and energy levels have soared. To put it in a nutshell, as I posted on a Facebook group the morning of the first workout: “I got up; I shut up; I trained”!

  3. Mallory

    These workouts are great. I have talk myself into working out each morning by telling myself I only have to do 15 minutes- I can do anything for 15 minutes… but I always end up doing two of the workouts out of my own free will! No excuses! SHUT UP AND TRAIN people!

  4. Eileen

    I have to say that I think this is my favorite DVD of Lauren’s so far. And believe me, I loooved the others…. With these workouts, there’s NO reason NOT to do them. Stay light with the weights for beginners or for a conditioning day, or up your weights and really challenge yourself to keep Lauren’s pace. Combine this with Lauren’s FREE rotation plans and you have yourself an entire program! Confidentially, I actually stopped the program I was doing and started on the SUAT rotation because it is a much better fit for me. I look forward to the workouts, and feel like I’m actually working with Lauren. Great motivation!!! You can’t lose, get this today!!!

  5. tempraven

    I am 50, and work 30 hours a week, and at my age, and with my different ailments, its hard for me to workout at times. Some days it’s extremely hard for me to workout. This DVD, gives me 4 different workouts to chose from , and all are only 15 minutes long.. Lauren gives wonderful instructions, excellent regressions. Lauren’s DVD’s are always excellent.. Good instructions every time. I will continue to buy her workouts always.

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