Kettlebell Revelation™ DVD

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Revitalize and Awaken Your Body’s Power Potential with the Kettlebell Revelation

by the Kettlebell Queen Herself, Lauren Brooks!

In this workout video, you’re invited into Lauren Brooks’ personal gym to experience the innovative kettlebell fitness program that she mindfully designed for both men and women to increase fat loss and build strength!

Sculpt, Strengthen, and Tone Your Body with the Kettlebell Revelation!

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Prepare to Be Blown Away by all the Kettlebell Workouts

Including a Bonus Workout Section focused on Crafting Abs of Steel

This kettlebell DVD fitness program consists of highly-effective strength training and fat blasting workouts that Lauren Brooks uses with her advanced to intermediate kettlebell students. The Kettlebell Revelation™ DVD includes powerfull kettlebell exercises that are not featured on any of Lauren’s other DVDs.

Lauren Teaches You a Variety of Kettlebell Exercises That Will Take Your Strength Training to the Next Level!

Just to Name a Few, She Includes :

  • Tall Kneeling Press
  • Bottoms Up Clean
  • Bottoms Up Press
  • Pistols (Single Leg Squat)
  • Double Front Squat
  • Plank Rows
  • Side Lunge
  • Single Leg Deadlift

Kettlebell Revelation™ Features :

  • 12 demonstrations
  • Warm Up/Cool Down Section
  • 4 follow along workouts
  • Revelation Strength 1 30 minutes
  • Revelation Strength 2 27 minutes
  • Fat Burning 12 minutes
  • Bonus : Abs of Steel featuring SkateCore™ 7 minutes
  • DVD Running Time 96 minutes

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5 reviews for Kettlebell Revelation™ DVD

  1. Linda

    This is a cutting edge kettlebell workout. It hasn’t made it to my rotation yet, but will be looking forward to working out with it. This is more of an advanced kettlebell workout. I think it would be too hard for a beginner.

  2. Happyleaveslady7

    Since I’ve been collecting Lauren Brooks DVDs I truly enjoyed every moment that, Kettlebell Revelation is one of my top favorites. Fat Burning Workout that I’m addicted to and I loved it! Please keep it up and thank you very much, Lauren.

  3. Timothy J. Smith

    I purchased this through my husband’s account and wanted to leave a review. Lauren’s Kettlebell Revelation has been transformational for me! This video has allowed me to gain significant strength and stamina. I own most of Lauren’s videos and can’t wait to buy her next one! –Stephanie Smith

  4. Theresa Ann Miller

    Kettlebells are the most effective workout I’ve ever done in the 28 years I’ve been exercising regularly, and Lauren Brooks’ dvds are the by far the best Kettlebell workout dvds I’ve purchased (have about 6 others). This latest addition to her library is as excellent as all her others-fun, effective and time efficient. Lauren has a real talent that is head and shoulders above the rest, taking what seem like simple kettlebell moves, applying her magic, and turning them into a super effective, really fun workout. Thank you Lauren!

  5. R-burg

    For reference, I am in my forties, have been training forever, am a recovering cardio addict and love KB training. This is an excellent DVD consisting of two circuits, an abs workout and a finisher. As always, Lauren gives excellent pointers (Which I use when I am training on my own and have been very helpful). She also provides instruction on proper form and is very motivating. The tempo is slower, and the reps lower, which really allows you to focus on form. You can always add on the finisher if you want to amp it up. Excellent workouts! If you are in the market for solid, fun, effective training sessions, this is the DVD to get. Thanks Lauren!

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