Streaming version of Kettlebell Revelation™


Revitalize and Awaken Your Body’s Power Potential with the Kettlebell Revelation

by the Kettlebell Queen Herself, Lauren Brooks!

In this workout video, you’re invited into Lauren Brooks’ personal gym to experience the innovative kettlebell fitness program that she mindfully designed for both men and women to increase fat loss and build strength!

Sculpt, Strengthen, and Tone Your Body with the Kettlebell Revelation!

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Prepare to Be Blown Away by all the Kettlebell Workouts

Including a Bonus Workout Section focused on Crafting Abs of Steel

This kettlebell DVD fitness program consists of highly-effective strength training and fat blasting workouts that Lauren Brooks uses with her advanced to intermediate kettlebell students. The Kettlebell Revelation™ DVD includes powerfull kettlebell exercises that are not featured on any of Lauren’s other DVDs.

Lauren Teaches You a Variety of Kettlebell Exercises That Will Take Your Strength Training to the Next Level!

Just to Name a Few, She Includes :

  • Tall Kneeling Press
  • Bottoms Up Clean
  • Bottoms Up Press
  • Pistols (Single Leg Squat)
  • Double Front Squat
  • Plank Rows
  • Side Lunge
  • Single Leg Deadlift

Kettlebell Revelation™ Features :

  • 12 demonstrations
  • Warm Up/Cool Down Section
  • 4 follow along workouts
  • Revelation Strength 1 30 minutes
  • Revelation Strength 2 27 minutes
  • Fat Burning 12 minutes
  • Bonus : Abs of Steel featuring SkateCore™ 7 minutes
  • DVD Running Time 96 minutes

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