Kettlebells for Women : Workouts for Your Strong, Sculpted & Sexy Body Book

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Kettlebells for Women: Workouts for Your Strong, Sculpted & Sexy Body Book

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That’s right ladies and gentlemen! Strong, Sculpted & Sexy is just what will happen when using kettlebells the right way with a properly designed program. This book will guide, teach, and show you how, when, and why we use kettlebells. It will also explain why most females do not need to be using tiny, fluffy weights. People are astounding themselves on a daily basis with the strength and conditioning they are developing from the proper exercises designed in a safe program. My clients, friends, colleagues are over the moon with the results.

This book includes :

  • The Ultimate Strong, Sexy and Sculpted 12 Week Kettlebell Program
  • Level One: Kettlebell Foundation and Fat Loss (Month 1,Weeks 1-4)
  • Level Two: Strength and Fat-Burning (Month 2, Weeks 5-8)
  • Level Three: Powerhouse Strength and Conditioning (Month 3, Weeks 9-12)
  • 15 Workouts in this program filled with beginner, intermediate, and advanced options
  • 3 Bonus Mini Metabolic Booster Workout
  • Charts to tell you exactly which workouts to do and when.
  • 3 Different Warm-ups for each Level.
  • Over 100 Exercises
  • Clear step by step instruction with over 300 pictures
  • Kettlebell Exercises for ALL levels
  • Body Weight progressions for beginners
  • Dynamic Warm up exercises
  • Joint Mobility and Cool Down exercises
  • Nutrition For Optimal Health and Fat Loss

Let me just clarify that this is a kettlebell book and not a nutrition book. However, I found it essential to include at least a small portion of nutrition for optimal health and fat loss. In this section I don’t beat around the bush and bore you with what a macronutrient is and how many calories is in a pound of fat. If you want to know those details you can google it or pick up a conventional nutrition book that tells you how to eat by the so called healthy food guide pyramid. I tell you a clear, simple approach to food. I tell you why you can exercise until you are blue in the face and not lose a single pound. There is nothing magical or complicated with the tips that I
provide. You will find a sample meal plan for omnivores and strict vegetarians.

Kettlebell Questions, Safety and Size Recommendations are thoroughly discussed in the book.

If you have no interest in getting stronger and leaner then this book is definitely not for you. You would be much better off taking an aerobics class at your local gym or spending countless hours on cardio machines.

This book is for those who want to see results such as :

  • Burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass
  • Enhancing balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Increasing and developing rock-hard core stability
  • Improving sports performance
  • Shaping legs, back and shoulders
  • Firming and lifting glutes
  • All over strong, sexy and sculpted body from head to toe

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Note to Gentlemen :

If you order this book for yourself, you don’t have to lie and say it’s for your girlfriend, mom, wife, aunt or sister. Believe it or not men can and will benefit from this book. Plenty of wives email me telling me how their husbands use my DVD’s and have never felt better. It’s really okay! Most women agree that a true man has nothing to prove. The publishing company asked me to write this book for women, which I did, but in all honesty if you know about kettlebells and know anything about my philosophy and program design, these workouts can easily be for both sexes. If you want a program to make your muscles bloated like a body builder, then sorry you will not get those results from this workout. You will get strong, sculpted, lean, and sexy when using the appropriate size kettlebells!

Kettlebell for Women Book Level : Beginner and up.
Recommendation : 1 Kettlebell to start, then an array of different sized bells as your strength increases.

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4 reviews for Kettlebells for Women : Workouts for Your Strong, Sculpted & Sexy Body Book

  1. Becca B.

    Lauren Brooks of On The Edge Fitness and BuggyBellz is known for her excellent kettlebell workout DVDs and articles on kettlebell training. Now, Lauren ventures into the world of instructional books with Kettlebells for Women published by Ulysses Press. Having trained many women and worked out through her own two pregnancies, Lauren has a unique understanding of how kettlebells and women’s goals for fitness can go hand-in-hand.

    Kettlebells for Women begins by touching on a few different basic areas related to kettlebells – their origination and history, the benefits of training, who is ideal for kettlebell training, things to know before you get started, and also a basic rundown of good nutrition. If you are new to kettlebell training, which this book assumes, knowing how to shop and buy a kettlebell can be a challenge. Lauren addresses this issue, offering suggestions on sizes, styles, and brands.

    12-Week Program, 15 Workouts

    At its essence, this book is a 12-week program that includes 15 different workouts, plus three Tabata workouts. As repeatedly mentioned in the book, the goal is not to add any bulk to the trainee, but create a toned, strong, conditioned body. The program can be started as a beginner, but is versatile enough to be scaled up in either weight or skill for intermediate and advanced kettlebell athletes.

    When it comes to the workouts and the schedule of the 12-week program, the explanation is very clear. Charts are provided for warm-up, workouts, and the weekly schedule, laid out one month at a time. Reps, rest intervals, and number of rounds are clearly indicated, as are scaling options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. Page numbers are given next to each exercise for easy reference to the latter part of the book, which provides detailed instruction for a multitude of kettlebell movements.

    The first month of programming focuses on perfecting basic kettlebell movements and building a foundation of strength. The second month takes the intensity up a notch, continuing to build strength, but adding intervals and more complicated movements. Month three again ups the intensity, as well as requiring a higher level of balance, coordination, and overall fitness.

    Over 300 Photos of Exercises

    In the exercise explanation section of the book there are over 300 photographs, demonstrating the movements. Photos, tips, and variations are laid out in an easy to read format. Movements are broken into subsections; some examples are: swings, windmills, core exercises, and squats. There are also subsections explaining the warm-up exercises, joint mobility exercises, and cool down stretches. Although there are a large number of movements outlined in the book, both the table of contents or index can be used to locate them quickly and easily.

    One thing I liked about this book, in regards to beginner kettlebell trainees, was its attention to defining terms. Sometimes learning a new way of working out can be so full of jargon it’s overwhelming. Using the extensive introduction section of the book, complete with many sidebars, this book goes out of its way to make sure all terminology is clearly explained.

    Overall Kettlebells for Women may not be particularly exciting, but it makes up for it in the sheer amount of information it presents and the workouts themselves look pretty fun to me. You would pay a lot more than $15.95 just to get three months worth of programming from a respectable RKC instructor (which Lauren most certainly is), much less all the exercise instruction this book includes. It is also worth of mention that there is no reason this book is just for women – any man looking to get in shape would benefit equally.

    Personally, I am willing to bet this book is just a hint of the knowledge Lauren possesses, but I’d also feel totally confident in recommending it to anyone who wants to safely and efficiently get fit. In fact, it would make a great gift for anyone looking to get started in kettlebells or a garage-gym aficionado.

  2. Regina Hurley

    I did what I was told for 21 days, cardio and weights in a circuit on machines. I did lose 5 lbs but I didn’t feel any stronger, or better. The trainer was quick to say – to make the cardio harder walk up hill and put the weights on the lightest possible and said – “you don’t want to get bulky.” then was somehow disappointed with me that I didn’t achieve in 21 days – lower fat percentage, inches off my waist and hips. The trainer repeated that I need to make the cardio harder, work longer, spend more than an hour in the gym. I had to completely make dietary changes without any specifics. I didn’t have that kind of time and even if I did, physically I don’t have it in me to spend hours at a gym. I began to feel discouraged.

    However, while sitting at my desk. I saw Lauren’s book Kettlebells for Women.
    I opened it up and reread the first line “Have you been discouraged from lifting weights or resistance training due to the fear of becoming big and bulky?” It was like a light bulb had been turned on. That was definitely what had just happened. Right then and there, I decided to reread her book.

    I had read the book back in 2012 when it first came out. Yet the last several yeas I have battled serious health issues so my workouts were sidelined. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2010. It was suspected after battling walking pneumonia in 2007, that I had Hashimoto’s Disease that is an autoimmune disease related to the thyroid that was untreated, and progressed to hypothyroidism. My symptoms only finally improved in July 2013 when I was finally put on the right course of treatment. Also, I had gained about 70 lbs from 2007 to 2013 and then dropped 30 lbs from July 2013 to February 2014 from a change in medication. I was advised to take a break that I had been through enough stress battling diseases. I finally was cleared to resume workouts in March 2014.

    I already know Lauren to be a bad ass when it came to Kettlebells. She is not in any way bulky or big, and has maintained a level of strength that most men don’t even have, while raising her own children, and running her own business, kettlebell classes, working with her clients, making videos, DVDs etc. I also know her to be one of the strongest, most effective, intelligent, efficient, caring, compassionate strength coach, kettlebell instructor and fitness professional. Lauren Brooks truly wants results for her clients and works tirelessly to see to it that it happens and this book clearly shows this.

    Her book reminded me to work smarter not harder that results were achievable without spending hours in the gym. Most importantly this book helped me realize that getting strong and lean isn’t some big secret or complicated workout program. It is possible for anyone – young, old, men, women, or anywhere in the world. Lauren has provided simple straightforward exercises that are very effective in an easy to follow format. Kettlebells for Women also gives valuable nutrition information. Kettlebells for Women provides detailed instructions and photos about various exercises and how they benefit you. Lastly, the book provides you with workouts for any level of fitness to help you get started and achieve results.

    More importantly, she never asked me to write this review. I contacted her and told her this was the least I could do to show my gratitude. This book changed my life for the better as it brought me from feeling discouraged, tired, out of shape to empower me with optimism and what is possible when I commit to the work. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to get strong, lean, sculpted and sexy. Lauren Brooks truly believes that anyone can get those results and now so do I.

  3. orlandu98

    I ordered this book along with Lauren’s DVD Volume 1 (I haven’t watched the video btw :P) and I find it very useful. For a person who doesn’t know anything about stretching, warming up and cooling down, this book really really taught me all that and more.

    The step by step KB exercises are explained well (could have more pictures :)) and I was able to correct my one arm swing (loose arm, not clenching the glutes etc bleh…) and trying to better it.

    The thing is, I have a weak right shoulder, so I’m kinda worried about doing snatches and lifts, so I’m taking things slow and resting 2-3 days before the next workout and still at beginner 1 and 2 at the moment…

    I hope there’s going to be a second book! Maybe more sets of workouts? 🙂

  4. Mythra

    I borrowed Lauren’s book from the public library a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with it and purchased it! It was my first time training with kettlebells. Gym became a habit for me after I found this book! It’s an amazing book especially if you have never worked out with weights before. This book teaches you everything and makes you stronger everyday! I got amazing result! I highly recommend it! The best program ever! Thanks Lauren!

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