Be SLAM™ Program

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Be SLAM™ Level : Intermediate and up.
Equipment Recommended : Men’s, Strong Women’s or Be SLAM™ Kettlebell Package, or a couple different sized kettlebells and one matching pair.
Be SLAM™ Downloadable Program includes:

  • 12 Week Plan for you to get super STRONG and Conditioned
  • 35 Private access simple video demonstrations found on
  • Strength Focused Workouts (Practice Sessions)
  • Metabolic Conditioning Focused Workouts (Practice Sessions)
  • Mobility
  • Training Sheets for progress tracking

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17 reviews for Be SLAM™ Program

  1. Kimberley Whitworth

    “I have been following and learning from Lauren and her DVDs for over 4 years now. The summer of last year I was actually fortunate enough to meet her whilst holidaying in the states. Once home in England I contacted Lauren again to see if she could advise on a training program that would help me break through the plateau I had reached with my kettlebells and that would fit in around a full time job. After discussing what the best way forward would be, Lauren kindly asked if I would test her Be Slam Program as she thought it would suit my lifestyle, schedule and goals perfectly . Of course I accepted willingly!

    A little history about myself, I suffered with CFS for the most part of my teen years, with several of them bed bound. I made a slow and incremental recovery initially using a graded aerobic exercise program but whilst this helped get things back on track, it was only a beginning. After being introduced to kettlebells (and eventually being convinced to give them a go by my husband!) I started at just using a 4kg kettlebell following along to Lauren’s DVD ‘s. I have come along way since incorporating kettlebells into my life. Due to my low mobility throughout my illness I still struggle with coordinating my strength, core and upper body strength and I also have some issues with my knees. This was something I discussed with Lauren, she suggested a few changes to my technique and to keep on with the substantial weight while squatting etc., something which I had always avoided. This advice has pushed me forward and by utilising the Be Slam Program I can now squat and single leg deadlift with a 20kg with no pain.

    I have enjoyed this program immensely and the results I have seen are fantastic. I have gone from swinging a 12kg kettlebell to swinging a rather impressive 32kg happily! My whole body is stronger and more defined, particularly my arms and core.

    6 weeks into the program I had completed several full push ups , something I have always struggled with immensely. I was swinging the 28kg by the tenth week. By the 12th week the 32kg was an easy swing and deadlift and I have mastered the Turkish Get Up with a 20kg! I feel incredible. I’ve experienced absolutely amazing results and surpassed every goal I envisaged!

    The program has enabled me to move forward and focus on my strength gains whilst also taking my fitness levels to where I think they should be. The daily workouts were short enough to fit into my day and also challenging when I wanted them to be. This program was perfect for me whilst working full time and managing my energy levels. I feel so much stronger now and happy to know I can swing the same weight bell as my husband! A great workout program with fantastic results! All that is required is effort and determination! Thank you Lauren”

    Kimberley Whitworth Wilmslow, UK

  2. Heather Steinert

    “I have been very fortunate to utilize Lauren’s new Be SLAM program for the past 3 weeks. In this short amount of time, my strength has increased significantly. I started swinging 25 lbs, and I have quickly worked up to swinging 55 lbs! I can also now do single leg deadlifts with 80 lbs. I had never pushed myself to lift kettlebells this heavy before, and I have been thrilled with the results even this early on in the program. I love how the plan is geared towards increasing strength in short, incredibly effective workouts. The plan is easy to follow and allows for tracking and journaling your results which is motivating to see on paper. Both the strength and conditioning components of the program allow for utilizing heavier weights for maximum results in a short time. I am absolutely amazed at the body composition changes and the strength increases that have already been happening, and I cannot wait to see how my body will be responding by week 12. Thank you again, Lauren!”

    Heather Steinert Milwaukee, WI.

  3. Jill Singer

    This project will get you strong if you are willing to follow the 12 week plan Lauren has provided. It will get you strong and leave you with enough energy to play with your kids, train for your 10k, and pull all the weeds in the backyard the same day as completing your workout – which, if you’ve ever had a “leg day” it usually left you sitting on the sofa with jello legs. I felt it was well rounded and hit all the parts. Weeks 5 – 8 are no joke (fewer rest days) and you need to push through. My body responded well and I saw the final results with weeks 9 – 12 with her thoughtful strength and conditioning combinations – and still finished the workouts in under 40 minutes. Many thanks to Lauren for giving us a well-planned and safe program for progressing in strength! Another fabulous job by On The Edge Fitness!
    Jill Singer – Boise, Idaho

  4. Deanne

    I finished the Be SLAM program a week ago and have muscle definition I have not been able to obtain after years of running and strength training with free weights. This plan will add muscles and people will ask you how you got such great arms! You may not lose weight if you’re in the ‘last 10 to go’ category like me, and being on the far side of 40 adds to the challenge, but you will tighten up and be strong-like a mother! The guys in my gym always stop to watch and are impressed to see me swinging 45# or doing renegade rows on 35# bells! This plan is flexible so if you know you can’t train on find weekend, of need to skip a day, you just rearrange. I just made sure to stay in order and stacked training days, skipping mobility days instead or subbing in cardio. I was able to maintain my swimming 3x a week while on this program, you get the workout without the burnout. The day I started, I was nursing an out of whack SI joint, it’s slowly gotten better as I’ve gotten stronger and paying more attention to the mobility sessions. Today, I sm nearly pain free. The Be SLAM group on Facebook is a terrific way to stay encouraged and be accountable, a very important part of staying on track, in my opinion, is to have a support group. Especially when working out at home, alone…with chores, kids and the couch calling! These workouts can be done in 30mins with a pair of bells in whatever weight you have and the best part is- you don’t need shoes! It’s 12weeks- you can do it too! I’m getting ready to do the last month again…join us!

  5. Angela

    Strength 4 done! I am so excited that I am finishing week 8 this week! It’s rare that I finish an “at home” program as I tend to get bored easily. This program is so mixed up that I haven’t gotten bored! I love it! Plus the active Facebook group keeps me motivated and encouraged to keep going! I Love reading how other ladies are getting SLAM too. I am also gting stronger as the weeks go by!

  6. Kim A.

    I’m on week 9 of Be SLAM and I think this program is amazing. I’m not good at putting my thoughts to words, but I want to try and convey how excellent this program is. I am getting stronger. I had done Lauren’s DVD’s, and they are good, but this is a complete 3 month program, all planned out. The workouts are simple but effective and safe. By safe I mean that you are pushed, but not so hard that you break. I’m over 40, and I need a safe progression. You can stay with it (not get burned out) and see real results. There is no other program like this out there. This has got to be the most complete home strength and conditioning workout available.

  7. Susy Valencia

    I loved this so much, I’m actually sad it’s almost over. I think i’m going to repeat it from week 9-12 again. I have become so much stronger, leaner, and more conscious about my body (i.e what to do and what not to do to prevent injury) The changes have been amazing, and I have surprised myself with how strong I have become! It also has made me a LOT more conscious about what to eat, what to avoid.

    The community of BeSlammers was outstanding, and so motivating and encouraging towards one another. That was a good idea, to have a group like that. I’ve made some FB friends through, and have learned so much more about the world of kettlebells too.

    I personally would like to thank you for changing my life. I used to run, but stopped because it hurt my joints too much. I even went to therapy for bad knees. Then I did only Aerial Yoga for a year almost, which was great for toning, but it just wasn’t enough! I felt I needed more. one day a week in yoga..not enough working out in my book! As a side note, the physical therapist told me, I need to get my butt and quads stronger, so my body wouldn’t overcompensate for the bad knee….then came my search for bootie workouts.

    I first started playing around with KBs in January, as a way to grow and lift my bootie! I personally thought it was kinda flat. I did the BodyRock 30 day challenge (my first time doing any kind of 30 day challenge and i fell in love with Hiit workouts), so in b/t I would add your bootie workout from your blog, and MyoMy’s bootie workout too. After I finished that 30 day challenge, I kept on BodyRocking a bit, and i wasn’t doing KBs as much. I just didn’t know what else to do I guess. Once you posted your BeSlam, I knew i would love it, and i did!

    I haven’t really done any cardio since I started your program, but I just don’t need it. That’s what has amazed me about KBs. What’s not to love? I have found what works for me, and I have to thank you and Marianne Kane for that 🙂 and I do have a bootie now! hahah!

    I look forward to meeting you Lauren! You have been an inspiration. Thank you!

  8. April

    I bought Lauren’s Be Slam after loving her book. I mainly work out with dumbells but loved it when ever I would do a kettlebell workout. I just never dedicated many weeks to it! I would do a kettlebell workout every now and then but very sporadically. I decided to have faith and put aside the dumbells for a little bit and give the kettlebell a chance….many weeks later- I am a kettlebell convert. I went from having no kettlebells and using my gym’s bells to 5 of my own. My strength hasn’t gone down, in fact it’s went up! The best thing to come out of this? I am in my late 30’s and have struggled with severe low back pain since I was in my 20’s. I was in the Army and was in an accident where i was thrown out of the vehicle I was in. I thought I would just have to live with the pain -and have done so for more than a decade. Although I just wanted to get stronger with Lauren’s Be Slam Program, I didn’t buy it to help with my back pain. But the surprising thing is- I have been pain free within just a few weeks of doing the Be Slam kettlebell program. My chiropractor couldn’t help me. Vicodin didn’t help me. But Be Slam helped me! Totally unexpected. Working out for aesthetics is great. Fat loss is wonderful. More strength is awesome. But relief for those in chronic back pain? Wonderful to feel NORMAL again. With a pain free back- now I really can be “STRONG LIKE A MOTHER!”

  9. Charmaine Hanshaw

    Lauren Brooks’ Be SLAM programme is not only a game changer, it is a life changer! I have never, ever stuck with a programme for 30 days much less 3 whole months so that was the first surprise in store for me. Who knew I was a sticker and not a quitter?! The second surprise was that I enjoyed every second of the programme. Lauren DEFINITELY knows how to make a training programme. The workouts all progressed to a logical conclusion which, although it may not have been visible at first, you all of a sudden get an “ah-ha” moment where it all makes sense and even if you don’t get the “ah-ha”, just do it anyway!

    Be SLAM is meant to be done with the heaviest bells you can move for 5 or 6 reps with good form but Lauren, ever thoughtful of her client’s circumstances, included a modification for people that didn’t have very heavy bells or couldn’t rush out and immediately purchase them. The heaviest bell I own is 12kg and I did the whole 12 weeks with it (plus some of lighter bells paired up for double kettlebell work – yes you can use unevenly matched kettlebells, another trick I learned from doing Be SLAM!) and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results that I have seen. I fully intend to do another round of Be SLAM either at the end of this year or the beginning of next and I can’t wait to go at it with heavier bells – I can’t imagine what my results will be then!

    It was a total stroke of genius when Lauren decided to create the closed Facebook group. To be honest, I’m not sure what part of Be SLAM I liked best, the training or the group! So many, many inspiring and encouraging women to talk with. The group very quickly became the highlight of my day and even though I’m nearly a week and a half out of completing the whole 12 weeks I still visit the Be SLAM group daily.

    My results have been both physical and mental. On the physical side, I’ve lost weight, become stronger and definitely tightened up. Also I have a bad back condition and I have found that, whilst it isn’t cured, it certainly feels better than it did before Be SLAM. On the mental side, I’ve learned to trust the process, mental toughness and a far more positive outlook.

    The stars and planets were all aligned when Lauren had her idea for Be SLAM. I cannot think of a single negative (apart from the fact that it has to end!). I’ve said many times on the Be SLAM group that Lauren put some sort of good mojo down on this whole enterprise and I will forever say it. I am totally amazed in the perfection that is Be SLAM. Nothing is missing, I haven’t done any extra cardio or stretching other than what has been written in the schedule and I am in the best shape of my life!

    Thank you Lauren Brooks!

    Charmaine – UK

  10. Amy Mahar

    This was just the program I needed! I love DVD’s and working out, but never knew when to do what and was doing the same thing over and over, trying to change this up on my own, but getting bored. I am currently on week 9, and loving the extra challenge each month brings! I am finally seeing tone muscles, strength like never before, and I am able to push myself. Looking forward to getting heavier bells and doing this all again! Simple planned out training is what this mother of 4 under 5 needed! Thank you Lauren!

  11. Melissa Szurovy

    I love how there is a workout plan laid out for you in a calendar format, that is easily adapted to any day. When your busy, it takes the guess work out of “what to do today” and you just do it. Having multiple workouts to do keeps the program from being boring and there are modifications for level and equipment.

    The closed group on Facebook has been wonderful. It is full of inspiring women with tons of information on workouts, equipment, strength gains, weight loss and so many other topics that we can all share and grow strong together! It’s like a fb family that I look forward to reading the updates every time I log in! Lauren is also involved in the group too!

    You won’t be disappointed with this program. I just purchased for my SIL, one of my friends just joined and I’m working on getting my mom and step mom into it too!

    – Melissa Szurovy, San Diego CA

  12. Jane Miller

    I was first introduced to Lauren’s workouts when I decided to purchase her Volume 1 DVD. SInce then I have purchased Volume 2, Lightening, her book and her BeSLAM program. All have added variety to my workouts, but as others have mentioned, the BeSLAM program is something very special.

    The progression is safe and effective and I found that boredom was never a factor. I think that the incredible forum Lauren created on facebook was a stroke of genius. Being able to connect with other like minded women on the program, and share tips and encouragement is truly inspirational. I know that i feel part of something greater than myself, and although i finished the program, as others have, we are still in the group and we still get to connect and encourage each other.

    Although the program ends at the 12 weeks, it’s really not over! I plan on going through it again with heavier bells than i used the first time. When i started the program i couldn’t press a 16kg bell over head, and now its my standard weight. i couldn’t snatch more than my 12kg and now i snatch my 16 and i do all my swings with my 24kg. I feel strong and empowered, and the compliments on my lifted bum don’t hurt either!

    I will close by saying that not only is BeSLAM a terrific program, but Lauren is truly exceptional. She is helpful and goes out of her way to answer any questions you may have. When i have needed specific direction she has always gotten back to me. It is easy to see that she is sincerely interested in helping us all achieve our best. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next because whatever it is – I am in! Thanks for everything Lauren!!

  13. Martha Miller

    Thank you Lauren Brooks, for creating such a wonderful program in Be SLAM! I am not usually one to follow programs, but I decided to give this one a try after using Lauren’s DVDs for over a year. The results are amazing – I love it! I am still in the middle of Be SLAM but my strength has increased immensely and I am using heavier kettlebells than I thought would be possible. One of the best parts is the small amount of time it takes – usually no more than 30 or 40 minutes per day – so there is no excuse not to do it. I have also received so much support and great training tips and advice from the ladies in the Be SLAM facebook group, so I don’t feel like I’m just training on my own. That is definitely a big motivating factor! I have been involved in athletics and have worked out all my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever been this strong and in this good shape – and I am in my fifties! I highly recommend Be SLAM since it will really take your training to the next level.

    Martha Miller, Allentown, PA

  14. Blythe

    I am in week 7 of Be SLAM. Over the last 6 weeks I have learned to LOVE sessions that I hated before (i.e. Snatch and Squat Press) because now I can actually do them. And I cannot BELIEVE how good I feel! I am in my early 40s and have had a “bum right knee” since I was in my 20s (broke it when I was 16 and injured it again 10 years later). It doesn’t even hurt anymore….like at ALL! Also, bending over used to be a chore because I’d have to get back up again (I dreaded it). I cannot believe how effortlessly I move now in everything – up stairs, down stairs, getting down on the ground to look for something under the bed and getting back up again, cleaning the house…you name it! I can actually feel my muscles deep down, wrap around with support and make nearly any movement so easy. And the most basic exercises (the Swing, for instance) are new again, because I’m beginning to feel how everything is intended to work and what “perfect form” is really all about. I just did the Strength 1 workout and actually went back UP the ladder, because I was not ready to quit! Working with Kettlebells with your instruction, Lauren, has been so inspiring and helpful you’ll never know. I’m not in this to get a bikini body – I’m in this to have the strength and stamina to enjoy life! Thank you SO much!
    Blythe – Florida

  15. Husna

    What is Be SLAM? It’s not just a 12-week strength building and metabolic conditioning program. It’s a community, and that is a huge value, especially if you have trouble sticking to a program. I hope the community continues to grow to support the newer members.

    So here’s how Be SLAM works: There are 5 strength workouts, 5 conditioning workouts, and a page full of mobility drills. Then there is a detailed schedule for 12 weeks telling you what workout(s) to do each day. That may not seem like a lot of variety, but they are all challenging and when done according to the schedule, I felt like every day built upon the last and I didn’t get bored or wish there were more workouts to the program. It seems as though these short and concise workouts were written with a lot of serious thought and consideration. As the students, we can just take them for granted, but there is method to the magic, for sure.

    I am a relentless skeptic, but like most everyone here, we adore and trust any product put out by Lauren Brooks. It’s true: if Lauren pooped and put it up for sale we’d all flock to buy it and give it the highest praise. But when I review something I want to be objective, and I try to find something wrong with it just to make an honest and balanced review. But, I put my trust in this program, followed it as closely as possible, and I’ve scoured through searching for a fault. All I say is Be SLAM didn’t disappoint. Not one bit. (

  16. Christine Hand

    I’ll begin by saying I’m 64 years old and I only mention that because I would like to encourage other older people to get into strength training, in particular kettlebell training. I’d never done any real kettlebell training before doing BeSlam, although I owned a set of light bells and had read up on, and practised, technique from reputable DVDs, YouTube videos, articles and books. I bought Lauren’s first DVD and I remember contacting her by email and she very kindly sent me a practise schedule based on the DVD. I did use this from time to time but, for various reasons, I just couldn’t seem to motivate myself to train regularly. I think I was trying to incorporate too many other things into my training and just got myself confused.

    So I bumbled along with my training, doing this and that with random workouts and, of course, getting nowhere. Then, last summer I was helping to look after my granddaughter, who has cerebral palsy, after she had had a major operation and it made me realise how physically weak I really was. I struggled when helping to lift her and hurt my back in the process. Come September, I had a terrible bout of shingles on my head. By the end of the year I still wasn’t completely over this and felt mentally and physically shattered. Even into the New Year and beyond, I felt very tired and low, couldn’t motivate myself to train and was as weak as a kitten. I just wanted to feel my healthy self again and to get strong so that I could be there again for the family, if needed. Then, in March, Lauren’s email dropped into my inbox. I knew from the very first workout that this would be something I could do – those early days in the programme build you up gently! Then I joined the Facebook group and just became totally hooked!

    BeSlam has been an incredible journey and I’ve achieved things I never thought possible. I started off with just 4kg, 6kg and 8kg bells although I mainly used the 4kg and 6kg at first. Completed the programme about a week ago. Just a quick précis of the changes: I used to struggle to press 4kg – at the end of the programme I was easily pressing 8kg and sometimes 10kg. I can now do full push ups (only a few but one thing you’ll learn on the programme is that training is always a work in progress). I bought the 10kg about half way through. Today I have taken delivery of another 10kg and a 12kg, with a 16kg on the way tomorrow. Have deadlifted the 10kg and 12kg together and done swings with the 12kg. Looking forward to swinging that 16kg. I have started to rediscover my waistline – lost 1.5 inches from this and my hips. Arms are looking better than they have for years.

    The support from the Facebook page is incredible. It doesn’t matter who you are, what age you are or what weight you start out with – no-one judges, just encourages. I have never completed a home programme before and I can’t believe I was actually looking forward to getting up in the morning to do the workouts. The programming is superb and, as I said earlier, builds you up gradually. It gets tougher as the weeks go on but you will find yourself ready for, and enjoying, the challenge and feeling so good about yourself as you take the challenges on and start to reach your goals. If you’re new to kettlebells or maybe feel intimidated by them – don’t be. My advice would be to pay careful attention to form and practice with light bells until your confidence builds (and it will).

    Thank you so much to Lauren and all my new BeSlam friends!

  17. Regina

    This program is a godsend for a busy mom! I have alwasy struggled with sticking to a workout schedule for several reasons. The 2 main reasons were lack of knowledge and time. Lauren has an amazing way of teaching proper technique and form. With SLAM I have been able to knock out a full workout in less than 40 minutes. The online group has provided amazing inspiration and support. After just a few short weeks I have noticed significant changes in my muscle tone and over all fitness. I highly recomment this program as well as any other works by Lauren to anyone looking to get in the best shape of their life.

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