Kettlebell Lightning DVD

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Extreme Conditioning for Busy Schedules!

Lauren Brooks & Alex Verdugo worked together to create the most time efficient, extreme conditioning kettlebell workouts designed for busy people who don’t have hours and hours to devote to exercise.

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Kettlebell Lightning DVD Level :


Equipment Required :

1 kettlebell according to your strength and conditioning level :
Beginner 8kg’s, Intermediate 10kg or 12kg’s, and Advanced 14kg’s or 16kg’s and beyond.

Not sure which video is right for you? Find out here.

Lauren Brooks and Alex Verdugo worked together to create the most time efficient, extreme conditioning kettlebell workouts. These workouts will hit you like a bolt of lightning! They are powerful, quick, effective, and will be over before you know it.


This DVD is designed for the busy individual who doesn’t have hours and hours to devote to exercise. These carefully designed combinations will give you an endorphin-pumping pick me up that will leave you feeling energized for hours.

Achieve body fat shredding results that will leave you feeling energized without frying your central nervous system. Burn fat, condition and strengthen your entire body, and get quick, effective workouts in under 15 minutes. There are a variety of workouts to choose from!

Kettlebell Lightning Features :

  • Over 30 foundational and intermediate Kettlebell exercises
  • 4 Follow Along Workouts
  • 1 5-minute Finisher Workout
  • Bonus Indian Club Introduction
  • Motivating workout music throughout
  • Easy navigation and Skip Features

Over 30 Exercises Including :

  • Turkish Get Up
  • Get Up Sit Up
  • Swings
  • Burpees
  • Presses
  • Snatches
  • Alternating Cleans
  • High Pulls
  • Windmills
  • Goblet Squats
  • Deck Squats
  • Single Leg Dead Lifts

Running time: 72 minutes

Note : you only need one kettlebell to follow along with this DVD. Indian clubs are not necessary, but if you’re interested in learning more about them, click here.

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18 reviews for Kettlebell Lightning DVD

  1. Maureen K

    Hi Lauren,
    I just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know that I’m really enjoying your new DVD. Each routine is fantastic. I can just do one when I’m short on time or combine two or more when I have the time and feel like I got a great workout.
    -Maureen K

  2. Rosanne

    Holy moly! Just did Lauren Brooks Miller’s Kettlebell Lightning DVD – it was amazing! GREAT job Lauren!!

  3. Shannon

    Had to let you know how much I love Kettlebell Lightning!! So far I’ve done Mental Toughness, Abs and Upper Body. Been looking for some shorter kb workouts…these are perfect. Tough and fun!! I think this will be my favorite of your dvds 🙂 Thank you for continuing to put out excellent workouts Lauren. BTW, do you know Dr. Laura is a fan of your dvds and promotes them on her website!!

  4. Sue M.

    Just did the upper & lower workouts – phenomenal!!!! Too tired for mental toughness – but it looks awesome & I can’t wait to do it!! Love the format & you hit it out of the park with this! Thank you!
    -Sue M

  5. Mark

    I just watched KB Lightning. You guys did great work. The workouts were awesome, great instructions, smokin’ music, and I look forward to working out with you two. Great job!

  6. Karyn

    Love it, love it, love it!! I love that it’s advanced and you go straight to work. I did the Lightning, half the extreme fat loss and half the abs, after I taught a class last night. I’m a little tired today 🙂 Abs section is perfect for someone who wants a lot of TGU practice (future RKC’ers take note) 🙂

  7. Charmaine

    You demonstrate such amazing form always but I was totally blown away by your hip snap in this DVD – I definitely have work to do! LOL! Keep up the great work and I’m really looking forward to being able to purchase your new book in a few weeks too 🙂

  8. Karen

    Got your DVD based on a recommendation from Dr Laura. She is right on about most things and this is certainly no exception.

  9. Jennifer

    Love the new Kettlebell Lightning– great workout!

  10. Charlie

    Love the new DVD. Came this week, and I seriously LOVE it!

  11. Roxanne

    Love your Kettlebell Lightning DVD, Lauren… very clean and inspiring!
    Ontario, Canada

  12. Rebekah

    I love the new DVD for two reasons 1) how long each section is. As a full-time working mom of two i can control the ‘i dont have time’ and do as many as i want whatever time of day i want and 2) you can decide if u do the section twice lol i hate doing ‘sets’ and this dvd rocks bc after each break its a new exercise! Lol silly to some but this keeps me going! Plus its hard and everyday it makes me want more! So 3 reasons i guess!

  13. Shawn

    Like all of her outings, Lauren has delivered yet another accomplished workout DVD, this time sharing the instructing with Alex Verdugo, a fellow RKC – credentialed instructor. The DVD packs 6 workouts, where others barely give one. The workouts are: Upperbody Lightning(Lauren); Lowerbody Lightning(Lauren); Kettlebell Lightning for Extreme Fat loss(Alex); Mental Toughness(Alex); Lightning Abs(Lauren); Indian Clubs(Alex). Lauren and Alex instruct and give pointers throughout the workouts and their energy and commitment are infectious. The workouts are based on rounds, usually 4 for most. There are over 30 Kettlebell and bodyweight exercises, so there’s something for everyone. A beautifully-realized and inspired DVD outing. Kudos to Lauren and Alex for this awesome addition to the Kettlebell world.

  14. Raquel

    Just got the DVD and tried it out. I have just finished the KB lightning and the Mental toughness for 10 minutes. Plus abs and cool down.
    I really liked the exercise selection for the mental toughness section. Some interval DVDs make the exercises so unpleasant that you wouldn’t want to do them more than once. Your selection was definitely challenging without the dread factor. I think this DVD is my FAVORITE so far in your series. I LOVED the last one with double KB and TRX.
    Ontario, Canada

  15. Anonymous

    Lauren does it again! She and Alex deliver jam-packed, high energy workouts that will NOT disappoint. This is my 3rd Lauren Brooks’ DVD, and while I LOVE the other two, this one “takes the cake.” The music, length of workouts, ambiance, and verbal support by Lauren and Alex are wonderful. I especially love the fact that you can target your upper or lower body, OR choose to do a total body workout. I also enjoy the new moves (by “new”, I am referring to moves that are not on Lauren’s Ultimate Conditioning DVDs). The main workouts are about 15 min. each, which a perfect fit for busy styles. This DVD was the first time I had ever heard of Alex Verdugo, and I think he did an outstanding job.
    There is an introduction to Indian Clubs (they look like a caveman’s club) on this DVD, as well. If you are interested in something new, this may be a great way of learning about another workout.

  16. Logan G.

    Have you ever tasted humble pie? It’s tough to swallow, but it’s so incredibly good for you. Kettlebell Lightning, instructed by Lauren Brooks and Alex Verdugo, is a robust action packed training DVD that includes a mix of movements and tools. It also can double as humble pie, if you need it to.

    I got a nice serving of “humble pie” when I set out to try this DVD for the first time. I figured, “How hard could it be?” So, I opted to grab a 24kg kettlebell and without changing my shirt I started Kettlebell Lighting, which is a selection on the main menu that is an eclectic play list of timed training intervals. Within minutes the workout put me in my place.

    Each round included new movements to execute for one minute. Most rounds included a kettlebell exercise or two for one minute, followed by a complementary calisthenic movement for the second minute. For example, the first round of Kettlebell Lightning began with one-armed swings, switching at the 30-second mark. The second minute of work was comprised of squat thrusts, or burpees.

    Between rounds, the screen allows you to rest while a rest interval clock ticks away. The rest portion provides a description for the movements in the next round, as well as fitness tips and fun facts.

    Since both Lauren and Alex are on the screen while you’re training, there is an odd accountability piece they provide. Moving through the exercises “with” them in real time gives context to speed and effort during the work intervals. Also, since there are two coaches, they are able to move along with you while illustrating two different scaling options, which is extremely helpful for folks who need modifications.

    This isn’t just an introduction to kettlebell training. Kettlebell Lightning includes movement coaching, follow along workouts, body weight movements, and even an Indian club workout as a bonus. The DVD includes more than 30 movements with scaling options for beginners and intermediate athletes. The real value, in my opinion, is the programmed workouts you can do along with the instructors. All the knowledge and competence in the world about kettlebell training doesn’t necessarily give you a training program. Kettlebell Lightning does that with context and structure.

    Having finished KettleBell Lightning with my good shirt drenched in sweat and my ego shattered to pieces, I only have respect for the product that On the Edge Fitness has produced. With one kettlebell and some floor space, Kettlebell Lighting will keep you busy and won’t get old.

    –Logan G.
    Breaking Muscle Magazine

  17. eddouble1

    Lauren and Alex are very professional and the production is well produced!! This DVD is for the Intermediate KB user. There is no warm-up, so I advise to warm up the muscles before starting. This is my first Lauren Brooks Dvd and I must admit she knows her stuff!! Highly recommended!!

  18. Bob

    Excellent and effective! Especially for a seasoned veteran of the Kettlebell wars.

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