Streaming Version of Kettlebell Body™


A Kettlebell Program Carefully Designed for the Beginner, Advanced, or Even Intermediate Kettlebeller

The Kettlebell Body™ is the DVD that you have been waiting for! This one of a kind kettlebell fitness program, instructed and created by Lauren Brooks, is specially designed to fit the needs for any kettlebell experience level and any age! The more advanced you get, the heavier the kettlebells you’ll need to tone and strengthen your body. It’s that simple! The Kettlebell Body™ includes the most intricate and detailed demonstration section filmed yet to help you sculpt a better, stronger body.

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With The Kettlebell Body™, you’ll start from square one, reacquainting yourself with foundation, movement patterns that set the stage for your kettlebell fitness journey.

“Wake Up” More Muscles in Your Body Than Ever!

Build Your Strength and Power, Achieving the Kettlebell Body™!

Enjoy Lauren’s first DVD, the only ketlebell fitness DVD of it’s kind that solely focuses on movement quality and rep focus as oppose to timed sessions, that features a Kettlebell Body from 4 generations of inspirational, strong, and powerful women.

The Kettlebell Body Features :

A half hour of detailed step by step instructions
3 Follow Along Workouts
Kettlesculpt™ – Sculpt and Strengthen your entire body from head to toe.
Kettlebutts™ – Shape and firm the Glutes you’ve always wanted.
The Kettlebell Body™ – What every body needs
Modifications within the workouts for different levels
Mobility Warm Up/Cool Down section
DVD Running Time: Over 100 minutes
Demonstrations : 30 min
Kettlesculpt™ : 22 min
Kettlebutts™ : 22 min
The Kettlebell Body™ : 25 min

If You Are Looking to Get Strong and Lean for Life, This is it!

The Most Comprehensive Video in the Lauren Brooks’ DVD Collection!

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