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Shred Your Entire Body with the Kettlebell Incinerator

Let Lauren Brooks Transform Your Entire Body with the Kettlebell Incinerator

Join her and her star students who are transformed, walking testimonies of Lauren’s kettlebell training system.

Squeeze in Your Kettlebell Workout :

  • On your lunch break
  • Moment you wake up
  • Kids napping
  • Use when traveling

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You Asked for an Entire-body, Shredding Workout; Lauren Listened!

Lauren proudly invites you into her backyard gym to experience her innovative kettlebell fitness program comprised of six, fat-blasting workouts that are effective for both men and women at all fitness levels.

With focus on proper movement and prioritizing safety, Lauren introduces entirely new fitness exercises and kettlebell combinations, leaving you feeling incinerated after executing any one of these metabolic conditioning sessions.

If you liked Shut Up and Train, Kettlebell Lightning, or Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells, you will love Kettlebell Incinerator!

Kettlebell Incinerator Features :

  • Warm Up/Cool Down section
  • 6 Follow Along Workouts
  • The Jolt 12 min
  • Bulldog 8 min
  • Swing Sandwich 8 min
  • The Maximus Destroyer 20 min
  • Intensified 13 min
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 24 min

Kettlebell Incinerator DVD Bonuses :

  • 6 Week Rotation Plan for all levels
  • Total Running Time 90 min

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2 reviews for Kettlebell Incinerator DVD – Out of Stock – Available in Download/Streaming format in download store

  1. Amy

    This bundle of workouts are amazing! I have done 3 of them so far, and have found them truly getting my body moving and heart rate up! Love the layout and format! Keeps me going and moving my body!! Some are short, 8 mins, and others good and longer, 24 mins for the extra challenge!

  2. Tara

    What an awesome set of workouts! I pre-ordered Kettlebell Incinerator and received it at the end of May (2016). Being a busy almost 44 year old homeschooling mom, wife and business owner (Naturally Nubian, LLC), I really appreciate the short, but effective, efficient and intense workouts on this DVD (from 8 to 24 mins). I DEFINITELY DON’T have time to dilly-dally, I need to get the job done QUICK! I have done all six quality workouts and even did a few of them more than once. With Kettlebell Incinerator, I use a 20 and 31 LB Kettlebell (Metrixx Elite E-Coat) and plan to purchase a 40 or 44 LB very soon. I am almost done with week two following the Rotation Plan that came in the case and what I can say is… FANTASTIC! I love the intensity of these six workouts compared to the well-instructed Shut Up and Train DVD (KI had me sweatin’ within the first 8 minutes and I LOVE IT!) Kettlebell Incinerator is just as good as another one of my favs from Lauren…Ultimate Body Sculpt & Conditioning with Kettlebells Volume 1. I’m so impressed with KI and UBSC Vol. 1 from Lauren, I plan to purchase a membership to Lauren’s Playground next month in July (2016). Lauren, I’ve watched several of your videos on Youtube as well as reviewed some of your DVDs and YOU’RE NO WIMP in the LEAST. I love your work! You’re an inspiration. I love that you keep it REAL. You keep rockin’ on! God bless you!! And people, GET THIS DVD – YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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