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Lauren Brooks' Sexy Strength & Luscious & Lean DVD Package

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Life can be challenging at times. Why go through life being physically weak? Let Sexy Strength show you the way!

The 50 Minutes Get Strong Kettlebell Includes :

  • A Warm Up and Cool Down
  • Step by Step Instruction
  • A Design for All Levels

Being Strong is a Choice

Embracing pure strength doesn’t just change the shape and power of your muscles. It creates a deep empowerment in your everyday life. THis workout, designed for all levels, will bring you the inner sexy power that creates confidence both inside and out.

Sexy Strength Features :

  • DVD Running time: 51 minutes
  • Easy navigation features
  • Workout divided up in to sections for convenience or play workout continuously
  • Level: All levels and Beginners welcomed.

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