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  • Lauren Brooks' Online Ignite Workout Series

    IGNITE 4 Week Workout Series

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  • Low Volume Strength Training with Lauren Brooks

    Low Volume Strength Streaming and Written Series

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  • Lauren Brooks' Download and Streaming Kettlebell Fitness Program Mighty Muscle

    Streaming Mighty Muscle Program

    $59.99 Buy & Download
  • Be Slam Program with Lauren Brooks

    Be SLAM™ Program

    $39.99 Buy & Download
  • Be Slam Program 2 with Lauren Brooks

    Be SLAM2™ Program

    $49.99 Buy & Download
  • Be Slam Bondi Headband in Black

    Be SLAM Bondi Headband

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  • Kettlebells for Wome Book by Lauren Brooks

    Kettlebells for Women : Workouts for Your Strong, Sculpted & Sexy Body Book

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  • The Simple Pull-up Guide for Women by Lauren Brooks

    The Simple PULL-UP Guide For Women

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  • 1 Hour Online Kettlebells Distance Coaching with Lauren Brooks

    Distance Coaching with Lauren – 1 hour

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