D3 Serum, Premier Research Labs (0.5 fl oz)


D3 Serum Premier Research Labs

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Live-Source Vitamin D3

We often call it the sunshine vitamin – because the sun is our primary source of Vitamin D. It is believed Vitamin D3 plays a crucial role in supporting many of your body’s systems. That includes your bones, brain and heart as well as breast tissues, the prostate and your immune system. A Vitamin D supplement could be the most important part of your regular nutrition regimen. Product Details: A rich, live source of natural Vitamin D3 Supports healthy teeth and bones Support for cardiovascular and immune systems May also support many other body systems Does not use solvents that could compromise benefits Our bodies were made to create all the Vitamin D we need simply by absorbing sunlight. The problem is that modern life and sometimes the weather can keep us from getting out in the sun as often as we should. Plus, only a small number of foods provide Vitamin D, and levels are usually insufficient. An all-natural Vitamin D product like D3 Serum 1000IU from Premier Research Labs could solve that problem. When taken daily, you may be able to regain the health benefits you should be getting.

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