Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells DVD Volume 3

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It’s time to take your training to a whole new level with double kettlebell exercises, kettlebell and suspension training combo workouts, and much, much more!!

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The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning Volume 1 got your heart pounding and left you completely drenched. Volume 2 fired up muscles you never knew you had and smoked your entire body from head to toe (in a good way). Now it’s time to take your training to a whole new level.

By doubling up your kettlebells and adding some suspension training, you will reach a new pinnacle of power and strength. The workouts on this DVD will provide you with the necessary tools to become leaner and stronger.

What do all of Lauren’s DVD’s have in common? They will all help turn you into an explosive fat burning machine and they never get old!

Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells Volume 3 Features :

  • Over 23 Kettlebell and Suspension Training exercises
  • 3 Follow Along Workouts
  • 1 small Bonus section
  • Modifications for different fitness levels
  • Joint Mobility
  • Motivating workout music throughout
  • Easy navigation and skip features (chaptering throughout the workouts, per request)

More Than 23 Exercises Including :

  • Renegade Rows
  • Double Floor Press
  • See Saw Floor Press
  • See Saw Press
  • Sumo Squat Thrusts
  • Double Kettlebell Snatches
  • Double Waiter Walks
  • Double Military Press
  • Kettlebell Push Ups
  • Double Windmills
  • TRX Single Leg Squat
  • Body Rows
  • Suspended Lunge with a kettlebell
  • Double Kettlebell Swings
  • Double High Pulls
  • Double Front Squats
  • Double Alternating Cleans
  • Suspended Roll Out

Volume 3 Level : Intermediate/Advanced.
Equipment required : 2 matching kettlebells according to your strength and conditioning level.
Equipment recommended : Suspension Trainer (Jungle Gym, TRX or Rings)

Frequently Asked Questions

About Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells Volume 3

What if I don’t have a TRX or any kind of suspension training apparatus? Will I still be able to use this DVD and/or make modifications?

There are two workouts on this DVD that do not include any sort of suspension or TRX training. The longer workout on this DVD does include the TRX. However, you can still make modifications using your body weight, kettlebell, or even a physio ball, depending on the exercise. I can give you modifications for the exercises you need help with, if you get stuck. Just email me!

I love your DVD’s, but I’m not sure if I am ready for Volume 3, since it contains Double Kettlebell exercises. Is it required to have two kettlebells?

This DVD contains both Single and Double Kettlebell drills throughout. We provide modifications for most double kettlebell drills if you prefer to use just one bell. For the exercises that we do not provide modifications for on this DVD, it’s easy to just go down to one bell or use a slightly heavier bell than you are use to for most of the workout.

How long are each of the workouts?

– Power Burn and Strength (Upper Body Emphasis) Workout – 18 min (Kettlebells only, can easily be done with one, but two of the same size are encouraged)

– Power Burn and Strength (Lower Body Emphasis) Workout – 14 min (Kettlebells only, can easily be done with one, but two of the same size are encouraged)

– Kettlebell and Suspension Training(r) combo Workout w/ Core Focus – 28 min (Kettlebells and Suspension Training)

– Bonus Core Focus Section (accessed separately) – 8 min (can be accessed separately, but apart of the Kettlebell & Suspension Training Workout as well)

– Joint Mobility Warm Up or Cool Down – 5 minutes

– Quick Tutorial/ Demonstration Section – 23 Exercises are covered

What is the running time of the DVD?

86 minutes

When was the cover picture taken?

The pictures used in this DVD were all taken the day of the filming. This was filmed a month after I tore my ACL in my left knee. We don’t use photoshop or any air brushing. And yes, this was taken after I had 2 kids, which is obvious, since I have never had any cosmetic surgery. Women need to know that they can still be beautiful after having children, even if they have scars on their bodies from the pregnancies. It’s apart of life.

Do you ship to the UK, Australia, Canada, or International?

Yes. All of the On The Edge Fitness DVD’s are shipped everywhere and coded for ALL regions. We have shipped all over the UK, Malaysia, China, Peru, Ireland, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Italy, and the list goes on and on.

Are your DVD’s pressed?

All of On The Edge Fitness DVD’s are high quality Glass Master Pressed, Coded for All Regions, and shipped all over the world. We only use high quality DVD replication and guarantee all of our products.

How can I incorporate these Follow Along Workouts with your other DVD’s?

Very Simple. Email me with the DVD’s or workouts that you are doing now, current level of fitness, any other activities you are involved with, and your goals, and I will send you some ideas on how to implement it safely. This goes for all of my DVD products as well. If you ever have any questions on program design with rotating my DVD’s, just email me. I answer all my emails personally and pride myself in that!

Can I use Volume 3 by itself to get to my goals?

Yes. In fact, I have an 8 week progression program that I will personally send to you that you can follow with this DVD.

Additional information

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12 reviews for Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells DVD Volume 3

  1. Ann

    Hey, Lauren! I just wanted to say how much I’m loving your new DVD! The exercises are tough ( I was so sore the next day and I do kbells almost everyday!), the set is GORGEOUS, and I love the music! You always put out a fantastic product. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Faith

    I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the new DVD. The background is gorgeous especially as I look out my window and everything is gray and covered in snow. The music as usual is bangin!! Instead of doing “fast and loose” during the rest periods often times I find myself “busting a move” (lol)! The workouts are killer but in a good way! I love the variety I know I can do the DVD for months without getting bored. Your cueing is on point, like with the floor presses when you were saying “think about pushing your body away from the kettlebells,” I never thought about it like that and when I tried it I immediately felt a difference. Of course you know it’s crazy challenging after my second time doing the DVD I still have to take longer rest periods after some of the sets, but I think that is what I love most because it gives me something to work toward. To sum it all up the DVD is hot! You really did a great job on this one Lauren!

  3. Abigail

    I have just received your UBSC vol 3 and I absolutely love it already! Thank you so much again for all the amazing work you do and even with your torn ACL! You are as always a huge inspiration!
    Dorset, UK

  4. Paddy C

    I received my Xmas present early and to my surprise I got Volume 3 in the mail yesterday. I couldn’t wait to watch it. On a scale of 1-10 it’s definitely a 10+.

    1. Scenery beautiful – wish I was there
    2. Production quality perfect
    3. Music makes me want to put kettlebell down and dance
    4. Workout – Amazing! Wow! Great! You thought of everything!!!

    I did it this morning I couldn’t wait any longer. Boy did I feel powerful and strong when I finished. I know I will finally get the six pack I always wanted now. Thanks again for another out of the box DVD.
    Paddy C.
    Chicago, Illinois

  5. Dean

    Hi Lauren,
    [We] love the new dvd – It is just as you said it would be for her!! Buns are in even better shape! (um…wow) I’m doing 30’s & still a little shaky in spots but, I’ll get it mastered. [She] has better balance than I do…TRX is a super challenge! for sure! Its definitely helping strengthen/improve my lower body!
    8 week plan is great! We’re both using it. Thank you:-) Using 1st dvd as well as new one – we’ve got a good routine going. Hope your year is off to a great start! Thanks for the great tips

  6. Nicole

    “Welcome to the Ultimate Body Sculpt, Volume 3. My name is Lauren Brooks, and this DVD is not designed for the beginner.” Lauren makes it clear from the start that The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning With Kettlebells, Volume 3 is a challenge, and she’s right.

    If you’re considering purchasing this DVD, keep in mind there is some basic equipment you will need to really get the most out of it. When I first started, I only had one kettlebell and no TRX, so I did the workouts with one kettlebell, substituting exercises if necessary, and skipped the suspension exercises. Even if you have more equipment than I did, modifying the workouts in this way is an effective way to adjust the intensity of the workouts if you are not quite to the point where you can do them with two bells. However, for maximum intensity and results, it’s best to have two kettlebells and access to TRX for the suspension training.

    If you only have the kettlebells and not the TRX, however, this DVD still provides a challenging workout. Lauren introduces 16 double kettlebell exercises in the final volume:

    Double Sumo Dead Lift
    Renegade Rows
    Pushups on 2 kettlebells
    Sumo Squat Thrusts on 2 kettlebells
    Double Floor Press
    Double Bent Over Rows
    Double Windmills
    Double Swings
    Double Cleans
    Double Press
    See Saw Military Press
    Double High Pull
    Double Snatches
    Double Front Squats
    Alternating Double Cleans
    Back Row

    I would highly recommend this DVD to those who have access to kettlebells and TRX. Lauren’s Kettlebell/TRX workout is a challenging combination of alternating or double kettlebell snatches, TRX single leg squats, suspended lunges with a kettlebell press thrown in there, and more. Lauren also provides instruction for several TRX exercises, including the single leg squat, chest press, roll out, bicep curl, and tricep press. A few months after I started these DVDs, I joined a gym that has TRX and realized how awesome these workouts really are. Both kettlebells and TRX challenge the whole body, and although some exercises allow you to focus on one muscle group, you still build overall strength and balance at the same time.

    Like her second DVD, Lauren also provides workouts that focus on the upper and lower body, which only use kettlebells, as well as an 8-minute core workout that combines TRX exercises like rollouts and suspended crunches with kettlebell drills, like Russian twists. This workout requires a good foundation in core stability, so if you have any lower back issues or other concerns that might compromise core strength, I would not advise it. If you’ve mastered the ab workout in Volume 2, you’ll be happy with the challenge this DVD provides.

    As always, Lauren provides helpful cues throughout and has a way of motivating her audience without just being flashy. The first time I did the workouts, I wondered why she sat out some of the exercises. She explains at the end of the DVD that she tore her ACL just before production, but decided to go ahead with the filming anyway. Now that’s dedication! At the end of each workout, Lauren also provides helpful recommendations for how to combine them with the other workouts on the DVD. I also like that Lauren’s DVDs are filmed in an outdoor setting, rather than a Hollywood studio.

    I’d also like to take a moment to consider the series as a whole, since this is the final volume and all. Combined with the first two DVDs, this series epitomizes a good trilogy. Unlike some trilogies, that have blockbuster first and second parts, only to end with a whimper (this may be blasphemous to some, but I have The Godfather Part III in mind), Lauren’s final installment really is on a completely different level than the first two DVDs. If you start with the first volume and end with the third, you will have made serious progress. If you’re looking to turn over a new leaf in your fitness habits, just get the whole series, do them faithfully, and you will see results.

    Nicole, Breaking Muscle Magazine

  7. Woo girl

    One of the things I really like about Lauren Brooks’ dvds is that each dvd builds on the previous dvd. She finds a way to make each dvd more challenging than the last. In this dvd she increases the challenge through double kettlebell work and trx exercises. Once you get acclimated to single kettlebell workouts, you will want to increase the challenge so your body does not get accustomed to doing the same exercises repeatedly without increasing the workload. Adding another kettlebell, as Lauren does in this dvd, will increase workload tremendously, your heartrate will sky rocket, and you will burn tons of calories. Plus it’s fun, and you will feel like a bad—. However, if you are not ready for double kettlebells or don’t own two of the same size, it’s totally easy to modify these exercises so as to use only one. So anybody can do this dvd.

    Lauren has 3 different workouts on this dvd: upper body, lower body, and a trx/kettlebell workouts. The latter workout is the only one that uses the trx so if you do not own a trx, you still have two workouts to do on this dvd. I was shocked by how tired I got just doing one of these short workouts. They’re quite short workouts so you can do one workout twice through if you want.

    This one definitely has the best production values of all her dvds, and it also has the best setting. It’s filmed in front of a glistening pool. The guy in this dvd doesn’t always have the best form, but that’s my only real criticism. All in all, it’s a great addition to my ever-expanding collection of kettlebell dvds.

  8. Maryjane

    Awesome DVD & I downloaded it onto my new Android phone because it was 15% off through her website. Kick-ass workout & I’ll never get tired of it.

  9. Shopper Mom

    This is my third Lauren Brooks kettlebell workout DVD and as with the first “Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells” and the second “The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells DVD Volume 2” this one does not disappoint.

    I’m a 48 year old in reasonably good shape I work out most days of the week but I was looking for something a little different, looking to maximize my time in the gym, kettlebell training seemed to fit the bill, getting my cardio and strength training done in one efficient workout and this DVD gets it done!

    I had purchased a couple other kettlebell DVD’s that I wasn’t to impressed with so after doing some research I decided to give Lauren’s 1st DVD a try. Honestly I was quite skeptical at first because they are quite a bit more expensive than other kettlebell DVD’s out there,but after the first few workouts I was sold, you will sweat your rear off, literally.

    Lauren’s DVD’s are to the point, no fluff, good instruction as to proper form (very important with kettlebells, especially when doing at home workouts). I’m so so happy with my results, within a few short weeks I could start seeing changes in body composition. I have now been doing kettlebell training for 4 months and am stronger and in better shape than I have been in years. I rotate Lauren’s 3 DVD’s and haven’t gotten board yet.

    There are workouts you can mix and match on this DVD so you can customize your workout. This DVD does have a section with the TRX trainer but if you don’t have a TRX trainer don’t let it detract you from purchasing this VD, it’s not necessary to complete all the workouts. I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners though, start with her first DVD and build your strength and endurance. Oh and If your worried about the price, don’t be, her DVD’s are totally worth it.

  10. Leslie Reid

    This workout is a very tough one, but you feel great afterwards! It is worth that intense 30 minutes or so – I am very glad I ordered it!

  11. J. Lewis

    I am lucky enough to be able to take classes from Lauren and I think this DVD feels the most like her in-person classes. The addition of the second kettlebell and the TRX cables makes this workout my favorite, and I think it is the most fun. You just can’t go wrong with anything she puts out.

  12. Shelle

    I love this dvd and use it a lot. I like the workout that has the use of TRX suspension. I hope that there will be more dvds with the TRX/Kettlebell combos…please! Anyone can do this, I just turned 64 and will be a great gramma soon.

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