Streaming Version of Kettlebell Workshop with Z-Health


Ready to revamp your training? Whether you are a beginner or an advanced kettlebell user, you will benefit tremendously from this DVD.

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All of On The Edge Fitness DVD’s are high quality Glass Master Pressed, Coded for All Regions, and Shipped All over the world. We only use high quality DVD replication and guarantee all of our products.

Bring this once-in-a-lifetime workshop with top kettlebell instructors right into your own home!

Ready to revamp your training?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced kettlebell user, you will benefit tremendously from this DVD. Lauren and Sara will show you how to improve your technique, increase your strength, and prevent injuries, all with their fun, clear, and non-intimidating approach. You will be given the tools to achieve incredible power for quicker fat loss during all your workouts. The perfect compliment and must have for your kettlebell DVD collection.

DVD Features :

  • Invigorating & extended Joint Mobility section using Z-Health principles
  • Two Intense Follow Along Workouts (written as well for your convenience to take with you)
  • Complex drills and topics that are easy to digest
  • Tip pages highlighting the must-knows for each drill
  • Bonus section on training during pregnancy
  • Easy Navigation Features and Chaptering on both discs

Over 16 Exercises Including :

  • Snatches
  • Bottoms Up Clean and Press
  • Renegade Rows
  • Alternating Double Cleans
  • Double Snatches
  • Double High Pulls
  • Turkish Get Ups
  • Windmills and many more…

To be able to attend this workshop live, there was a $289 tuition and that was a deal. Now you have the chance to bring this uniquely organized DVD in to your own home and watch it at your convenience. We could easily charge over $100 for this two disc DVD set filled with detailed instructions, tips, and workouts. However, we wanted to make it affordable for everyone. We have priced it at only $49.99 which we both feel is a steal with all the valuable content you will be getting.

Workshop DVD Level: All levels Equipment
Required: 1 Kettlebell
Recommended: 2 Matching Kettlebells


How many kettlebells do I need for this DVD?

There are double kettlebell exercises throughout the DVD and workouts, so two are preferred. However, you can always modify if you only have one kettlebell. Feel free to email me if you need help with a modification and/or you are not ready for 2 kettlebells yet.

How can I incorporate these Follow Along Workouts with your other DVD’s?

Simply email me with the DVD’s or workouts you are doing now, current level of fitness, any other activities you are involved with, and your goals, and I will send you some ideas on how to implement it safely. This goes with all my DVD products as well. If you ever have any questions on program design with rotating my DVD’s just email me. I answer all my emails personally and pride myself in that!

Will this DVD be too advanced if I am just beginning my kettlebell journey?

Since this is designed more for the Intermediate kettlebell user, there will be certain exercises you may not be ready to try. However, we do cover all of the foundation kettlebell exercises, which are very helpful for beginners. If you are brand new to kettlebells you might be better off using this as a reference at first, but focus on Vol. 1 of “Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells” or other DVD’s with just basic workouts.

Do you ship to the UK, Australia, Canada, or International?

Yes. All of the On The Edge Fitness DVD’s are shipped everywhere and coded for all regions. We have shipped all over the UK, Malaysia, China, Peru, Ireland, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Italy, and the list goes on and on.

I love your DVD’s and do them often and I have a question regarding this new DVD. Is it actually a workout like your other ones? Or is it a workout, with instructions throughout the workout, thus making it a slower moving DVD, etc…?

The workouts on this DVD are not slow at all. The two Follow Along Workouts on this DVD are very similar to the other DVD’s I have produced. Although, it’s not a pretty outside background like my other workouts that focus on just me and my well matched workout partners. These are filmed live with no editing so you will get to see me during the short rest. I am still leading/ instructing, but you can see some of the workshop participants doing it as well. It’s not slower paced by any means. However, the rest of the workshop that doesn’t include the workouts are taught in a detailed way. We have chaptered it in an organized way to allow you to move through any section you don’t care for.

How long are the follow along workouts?

On Disc 1 the Follow Along Workout is approximately 16 minutes and on Disc 2 it’s approximately 13 minutes. They both can be repeated again to make the intense workout even more challenging or used as a jump start to your day for a quick morning, lunch-time, or afternoon boost. You can easily go for a nice walk after one of these workouts or do a yoga class on the same day. The joint mobility section is 10 minutes and you can follow along with it.

Since this is a workshop DVD, will the Follow Along Workouts have any music?

If you own any of my DVD’s you will know that music is very important to me. I personally go out and find producers of instrumental music that will match the theme of the workouts. It takes quite a bit of time on my part, but I enjoy sampling music, and finding the right beat to make it more fun and motivating for the exerciser. So the answer is YES, there is music that goes with both workouts! These workouts are also typed on screen, so you can use the format and do it on your own as well.

I’ve seen some of these same exercises on other DVD’s. Will I be bored if I learn some of the same exercises again?

These exercises are taught in a completely different setting allowing Sara and I to go in to much more detail. You will learn different techniques on this DVD that are not on any other DVD available. The concepts and tips you pick up will improve your form and open a whole new door of training to you, therefore, increasing the efficiency of your current workouts, which will provide improved results.If your questions have not been answered regarding this DVD feel free to contact me at I do get a large flow of emails daily, so I appreciate your patience in me getting back to each of you individually.

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